Why is it important to keep contact with Recruiters?

Over the past years recruiting in the financial services industry, especially in Insurance and Investment Banking, I have had the pleasure to deal with candidates who were fully aware of the benefits of working with a recruiter. But it has not always been the case…


Candidates (we call them like this) are often contacted on a daily basis in these industries by recruiters who want to approach them for a job.  While most of these candidates appreciate the interest, many others will simply ignore the recruiters approach, not even answering to them. Then they will complain that recruiters are approaching them again and again, despite the candidate keeping ignoring their messages or calls.


Fair play to them, after all if you do not want to answer a recruiter, it’s your choice but in my opinion, here is some advice for these candidates: Answer the recruiter and explain that you are not currently looking but that you would be happy to touch base in let’s say 6 months.


I have seen many cases in my career when you are totally ignored by a candidate, only for this candidate to call you one day because he has just been made redundant and is desperate for a job. But recruitment comes with relationships, with exchange, with sharing trust and confidence in the abilities of both the recruiter and the candidate. If you have not built or maintain that relationship, the recruiter is likely to put you right down his priority list.


People tend to think that a recruiter’s job is easy. Take a job, contact 10 people, get one placed. Bingo. Well it doesn’t work like this.


A recruiter will get a job, make a list of potential candidates he already know, approach these, then if none are a good match he will look outside of his network (this is when you receive a LinkedIn inmail form a recruiter you never heard of before). The risk for the candidates who do not communicate with recruiters is for them to be out of touch with what the market offers and sometimes miss on a great job opportunity they might have liked to be told of.


Recruiters work hard and long hours. They have to face constant rejection (sometimes harsher than others) from candidates and clients. But they keep going, they keep searching for the right candidates, approaching, communicating. In one of our last assignments, we covered 400 profiles only to shortlist 8 candidates and finally send 3 Cvs. All 3 candidates went to Interview, one of them was offered the job in this highly recognised Investment Bank. Yes 400 profiles for ONE candidate getting the job.


If you have the ambition and the capacity to move jobs and employer, you will be more likely to develop a strong career. It can easily been seen that professionals who stay too long in a company tend to see their salaries develop at a slower rate than those who went somewhere else, who took that chance. And that chance often comes thanks to your relationship with recruiters.

Damien Bernard – Recruitment Manager – Volvisearch – 14th of December 2015




Posted on Monday Dec 14
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