27% of LinkedIn contacts changed job

27% of the contacts I have on LinkedIn have changed jobs in 2015. I started the day this morning ready this communication (one of the numerous we all receive every day from LinkedIn), which frankly speaking has caught me by surprise. I have thousands of contacts, and although being a recruiter, there is a fair amount of possibilities that the people who link with me are open to a change of career and workplace, I can only believe that these figures are incorrect. No, not 27% of my network has changed job. 
Many of these contacts have updated their profiles (will they be looking to take another position in 2016?), others have just had to modify their profiles due to a merger that involved their current employer, few are going on career breaks, many are students finding their first job in London, Paris, Dublin, Zurich or Dubai.
Why is someone changing job?
  • I would think these are the main motivations behind a change of Job:
  • Opportunity 
  • Career development
  • Ambition
  • Money/Salary
  • Relocation
  • Getting bored of doing the same everyday job
  • Personal reasons/Family reasons
During 2015, I have spoken with many candidates who were not in a position to explain to me nor the potential future employer what motivations they had for a change. I would only advice that life is about making the right decisions, and work is the same. Make sure you look at your options, internally and externally, keeping an open mind, but also understanding that when you make the decision of going for a change, you should stick to it. Same if you decide to stay in your current company.
If you want to discuss career changes, please contact me, I’m on LinkedIn and I’m keen to hear from at least the 27% of my contacts !
Vince Corbel, Senior Consultant Insurance Recruitment
Posted on Wednesday Jan 6
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