international women's day

At Volvisearch we believe and push for equality in the work place between women and men. Over the years, we have very rarely met gender discrimination when recruiting for our global clients in Europe, a sign that in big corporations within the financial services industry, things are moving the right way.


Nevertheless, we can only notice that in the Financial Services industry, in technical or leadership roles, you will find many more men than women. Like you will find that in Human Resources teams, women are predominant over male employees.


I believe that companies are now offering equality of pay and access to jobs within their organizations. The question mark is more on how can we attract more women to a career which would lead them to technical and leadership roles? Why actuarial and Cat modelling teams are predominantly male environments? How to attract female talent to these highly skilled and rewarding jobs?


This is the challenge the Financial Services industry faces. It has to make itself more attractive to women. And communicating on companies’ support for career growth coupled with family flexibility is essential.


Damien Bernard

Director - Volvisearch

Posted on Wednesday Mar 8
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