Insurance companies are using drones

After Hurricane Matthew in the USA, Insurance companies have been using drones to assess the damage caused by the catastrophe. Many buildings and properties cannot be checked after the hurricane, even after a few weeks. A drone will help the insurance company to generate data to calculate their potential losses but also in this case (see video below) to be able to save lives and guide their customers so that they can avoid the places that are dangerously flooded and therefor cannot be driven through for example.



In the specific case of Hurricane Matthew, Insurance companies such as Allstate insurance and Travelers Insurance have been extensively using this technique. It is less costly and most importantly safer to use a drone to inspect a damaged roof or electric poles. Travelers has a team of drone pilots, who have been trained to survey damages in such areas.


We can expect technology to take a lot of place in the Insurance world and data analysis in the near future.

Posted on Friday Nov 4
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