The biggest sign it's time to quit your job

Article source Business Insider:


There are a lot of good reasons to quit a job: Your values don't align with those of your employer, you don't get along with your boss, you're not passionate about the work you're doing, you're burned out, you've got a better offer in hand.


But perhaps the biggest sign that it's time to throw in the towel is that pit-in-your-stomach feeling some of us get when the weekend comes to a close ... aka the "Sunday Night Blues" or the "Sunday Scaries."


Of course, we all experience the occasional wave of dread on Sunday evening — especially after a fun weekend or when you have a particularly busy workweek ahead. In fact, a whopping 76% of American workers say that they get the Sunday Night Blues, according to a Monster survey.


But if you spend every Sunday feeling anxious, depressed, or fearful — sobbing on the couch, drafting your "I'm sick" email for Monday morning — then it's probably time to move on...


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Posted on Monday Oct 17
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