How to write a CV for a job in Financial Services in London?

Want a job in London and to work in Insurance, Asset Management or Investment Banking? Well before sending this application, you should maybe read this first. And we are experienced recruiters, so we hope we know a bit about Cvs.


Here what should be on here:


  1. Top of the page (and potentially on footer on all pages): Name, Contact details
  2. Then make sure you express if you need a visa, work permit… Why some people hide this information and try their luck, I will never understand…
  3. Then a little introduction: explain your skills, communication skills, experience in 5 or 6 lines. Be honest about it, and try to put there some of the keywords that are in the job description…
  4. Then Education and Qualification: with dates, which University, MSc/BSc and grades, thesis...
  5. Then your Employment History or Experience: if you have 5 years’ experience now, just don’t need to add that you were working at McDonald’s when you were 16. Just saying…
  6. Then IT and Language skills: if you know 3 words in Spanish because you order your beer in Barcelona, it's just not worth mentionning you have a "basic" knowledge of Cervantes language...
  7. Then Professional Publications you may have been participating into.
  8. Then Hobbies and Interest
  9. Then just add that References are available.
  10. And finally TRIPLE CHECK for mistakes. There’s always one.


You should also always add a cover letter, but make sure that it is focused on the job, what you can bring to it and why the company is of interest.


Good luck!


James Wrightling – Volvisearch Recruitment – Ressource Manager

Posted on Thursday Feb 4
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