How to maintain a start-up company culture?

In a HR perspective, the company culture is what makes the difference between a low turnover of staff and a high one, between happy and less happy employees. It can take years to build and nurture, and when the size of the company reaches new levels, it becomes more challenging but essential to maintain and grow your culture because this is what represents the company, the employees and their values.

One of our client started 10 years ago and now have a workforce of more than 100 employees in central London. Their retention rate is very high and many of their employees have now been working with them for many years. As part of the HR team, they constantly work on different ideas and plans to maintain and grow our company culture. And we believe there is one primordial aspect for a successful one: the employees!

As a start-up grows into a well established Tech / Digital firm, the employees are the ambassador in and out of the company. By creating social committees or charity committees made of random employees who have voluntarily offered to participate, you allow the values of the company to spread throughout the office and involve the full workforce into developing our very own company culture. 

Collaboration, as shown up there, and Innovation are key components to keep a startup feeling within what becomes a well established tech firm. At VC, we have a flat structure, with lots of interactions between the team, where everyone's ideas are taken into account. No matter if this comes from a director or an intern, we will always listen and take time to analyse it. 

Start-up culture is not only about flexible working, jeans, free beers and ping pong tables, it's about getting all the employees of your firm to drive it towards new ideas and new perspectives. All for one and one for all.

Posted on Thursday May 24
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