How to Find a graduate role in Finance, Insurance or Banking


One of your most important moment in life is getting your first job after university. It is exciting for young graduates and stressful just as much. They need to write their CVs, cover letter, fill up endless and cold application forms on faceless recruitment portals, and be convincing in phone interviews, face to face interviews, sometimes in group sessions even.

At Volvisearch, we can help you. We have put in place a coaching program to help you get that so important first job. Over the past 3 years, we have helped over 80 graduates to do so.


Then what makes it so successful?


Through our program, we will help you make your Cv attractive, respecting the standards expected by your potential future employers.

We will give you constructive advice and standard templates for your cover letter.

We will help you build an attractive and visible LinkedIn profile to get you viewed more times than your competitors.

We will not apply to jobs for you, but we will help you give the right answers along the way.

Once invited to an interview, you will benefit from our team of experts who have been recruiting in the Financial services market to help you feel confident and perform to the best of your abilities, and ultimately land the job of your dreams.


Want to know more on the conditions to register for the program, email us on and let us know what you are aiming for.

Posted on Wednesday Jul 12
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