Help to find a new job for Graduates

At Volvisearch, we have developed a coaching program for graduates who are feeling the pain of finding a first job in the financial Services industry despite the right studies and sometimes internships.

Not everyone is an expert at interviews or Cv writing, and with companies putting in place an application and a selection process that sometimes feel more complicated than applying for a mortgage, many are the graduates who see their job hunt as a boring and mentally exhausting task.


Why using a coach for your job search then?


Because when facing adversity, being alone can be daunting. A career coach will give you the support and the answers that the companies you are applying to are not giving you.

For example, when rejected after 2 hours of filling that application, you will have received a standard answer: “Thanks for your application, after carefully looking at your documents and test, we believe we have candidates who fill better our needs for the role….”

An answer like this leads you nowhere. You don’t know why the other candidates are better and you cannot learn from this rejection to get better. The career coach will help this assessment.

Damien Bernard, Head of the Graduate Coaching Program at Volvisearch: Over the years I have worked with many graduates who were turned down/rejected every time they applied for a job. When we looked at these applications, I was able to spot straight away what the problem was. It can come from a wrong understanding of the job description, an answer to a question which was not adapted to this job/company, a lack of knowledge, and most of the time a lack of diversity in the answers. If you want to get out there and be noticed, then start by being different, start by researching your potential employers, potential managers…”


How can a career coach help me?


The career coach is a recruiter too. Or has been. He knows the specificities of the Financial Services career market. He knows the companies, he knows the managers. You will get insight on the company, their products, what they are looking for. If your answers/application don’t convince him, then you can be sure it won’t convince the HR in this insurance or banking firm you’re applying to.

Career coaches at Volvisearch support graduates with their Cv, their applications and most important their interviews. You will never feel alone in your search, and this support can make all the difference between landing your job this month or in six months!





Posted on Wednesday Apr 19
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