EU Passport for UK Remain voters?

In a big announcement by Guy Verhofstadt, chief Brexit negotiator for the European Union, citizens of the United Kingdom will be given the chance to remain EU citizens and therefore enjoy freedom of movement and work.

As an international recruitment agency, we welcome the move which could satisfy the needs of thousands of British currently working in continental Europe as well as the ones from young graduates in the finance industry who are looking with relative anxiety at the situation of the banking and more generally the financial services situation in the UK. Some words of delocalisation of their teams to Paris, Frankfurt or Amsterdam have considerably put pressure on these graduates, thinking they would need a visa to be able to pursue their dream career if such move happens.

However with a European passport, British citizens will be able to enjoy freedom of movement and therefor work without restriction in the European Union, as well as the possibility to vote in European parliament elections.

Will this proposal go forward? Only with the agreement of the UK Parliament, which will add more material to the negotiation table...

Posted on Friday Dec 9
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