We coach Actuarial Graduates and junior actuaries to face the competitive Actuarial job market in London.

This is a unique program in the London market. We have the support of former students and insurance HR to help graduates show their potential and be successful in their job search.

During the past years we have given support to a large number of student actuaries to enter the actuarial job market and be successful in their search for their first job and to join an insurance firm in London as a Graduate actuary or Student Actuary.

In 2014-2015, dozens of actuarial graduates used Volvisearch successful coaching service!

The job market for graduates and young actuaries coming from a BSc or MSc has become increasingly more competitive. Without preparation and support, you may feel that the difficulties you face are too strong. Recruitment agencies won’t find you a job unless you’re a star student. You will need to find this job by yourself, and we can help you like we have helped many before.

The actuarial graduates/students we help often came with the following questions: 

Who do you have to contact? How to make contact? Is my CV adapted to the market I’m targeting? Am I visible enough for potential internal/external recruiters? How do I have to perform in interview? Where are the jobs I’m looking for? Why recruiters can’t help me find a job? What’s the key to success in landing a graduate role in the industry?

Young actuarial professionals feel they are getting lost in their search and need guidance from experienced HR specialists like us.

Why using the services of our Actuarial Coaching professionals?

We use the experience we have acquired in placing actuaries over the past years to help you start your career. We know extensively the actuarial market, we know the needs and names of Hiring Managers, we understand the difficulties you face, and we can help you as we have already successfully helped others.  We are your career coach.

What offers our Actuarial Graduate Coaching Program?

We offer an Actuarial Graduate Coaching Program based on the following method:

  • First contact for a presentation of our added value services: Phone, Meeting in London, Skype
  • Assessment of your current situation: What have you done? How? What has worked so far, what has not? We can give answers and put you in the right direction
  • CV and LinkedIn building support
  • Work together on your skills, methods and your presentation to the external Actuarial world
  • Find relevant job offers
  • Interviews preparation and debriefing
  • Job Offer negotiation support
  • All year round support

We have successfully help lots of actuarial graduates or junior actuary to find their current work and we pride ourselves in giving a honest and valued advice. For more information on how to participate in our Actuarial coaching Program please contact VolviSearch Coaching team by email to

Are you an HR Manager recruiting Actuarial graduates in the UK?

For HR managers in insurance companies, please contact Damien Bernard, leading the Actuarial graduate program, to know how we can help you recruit actuarial graduates, reduce your costs and save you time by increasing the efficiency of the recruitment process.

Coaching team contact:

Coaching Testimonials from some of the actuarial graduates who we have helped over the past months: 

A.C, coached by VolviSearch and now in a large UK Life insurer:

Damien is very professional. He normally go extra mile to help his clients even in his own private time. I am impressed by his efficiency and quality of help. I would highly recommend the coaching programme as it is extremely useful for who is currently struggling with actuarial career search.

G.W, coached by VolviSearch and now in a global Reinsurance Company in London:

Damien and the VolviSearch Coaching service has been extremely helpful. He has really improved my visibility to prospective employers through help with perfecting my CV and LinkedIn profile. Furthermore he was always willing and able to help with any questions I had regarding interviews or the general recruitment processes. I am now employed at a great company and I think this shows how invaluable my experiences with Damien have been.

V.D, coached by VolviSearch and now in an Actuarial consultancy in London:

When I moved to London from Spain, I looked for an actuarial job for several months and kept being rejected by companies. Thanks to the Actuarial Coaching program and assessment, we were able to understand why my Cv was rejected, and how to make my profile more understandable and attractive to the market. I have had 3 interviews fairly quickly and finally got my dream job. I would totally recommend VolviSearch services to actuarial graduates or young actuaries.

N.A, coached by VolviSearch and now in an Actuarial Software consultancy:

Damien was quite helpful during my intense job search. Through VolviSearch Actuarial coaching I got acquainted with a large number of employers. Damien not only helped me to improve my CV but he also helped me make my LinkedIn profile more presentable. He was very professional and he was in constant touch with me informing me about new upcoming roles. He always kept me motivated during my job search. I would highly recommend VolviSearch Actuarial Coaching.





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