A quarter of the employees in the UK are job seeking

In an interesting article published last week, it was reported that nearly a quarter of employees in the UK are on the look for a new job. 24% of your colleagues are in fact not satisfied with their current position and working environment, and this statistic shows that job satisfaction in the UK is at its lowest for years.

Job satisfaction is at its lowest across most sectors, but especially within the private industry.  I very small businesses however, which would mostly be start up firms, employees face the highest levels of job satisfaction if we compare the numbers by size of organisation.

The CIPD believes that although global economic uncertainty has likely shaken the labour market, the world of work is changing too, and organisations therefore need to rethink their approach to employee career management in order to engage and retain staff.



Read more at: http://www.recruitmentagencynow.com/job-seeking-hits-two-year-high-as-employee-satisfaction-plummets/#sthash.sadBXuGQ.dpuf

Posted on Monday May 16
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